Saturday, February 18, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge Poconos Fireplace Loft Suite and Let's Chat With...

Great Wolf Lodge Poconos
Fireplace Loft Suite
Let's Chat With...
This past weekend I had the sheer pleasure to visit the Great Wolf Lodge Poconos with my family. It was a family celebration in honor of Valentine's Day and I could not have thought of a better place to make some more wonderful memories with the people I love most in the world.
Anyone that knows me, knows how much I have come to love Great Wolf Lodge. We have spent many nights there and have tried quite a few of the room choices. This time, under the recommendation of a dear friend we went with the Fireplace Loft Suite. What a fantastic room choice. The Fireplace Loft is a multilevel room with a fireplace, balcony and can accommodate up to 8 people. 
The room has a private loft room at the top of the stairs with its own TV and bathroom.
What more could you ask for?
 The room had a breathtaking view of the Pocono Mountains and I could not spend enough time taking in the scenery.  If the weekend away was not relaxing enough, something wonderful happened while we were there. I have been waiting all winter for a bit of the white stuff and am happy to report that the entire 3days it snowed off and on . I felt pretty blessed to have my family beside me and watch the pristine snowflakes gather around us. It's little moments like that where you just would last a lifetime. To check out all of  the room choices please click here.
Although it was a little bit difficult to leave that cozy rustic room, we did have plenty of time to enjoy the water park,  wave pool, and water slides.  Of course the kids enjoyed activating their wands and traveling the halls completing Magi Quest. We even were lucky enough to share in an ice cream social with Violet, Great Wolf Lodge's newest wolf. Emily capped off the weekend with an indulgent trip to Scooops Spa for a Valentine's Day mani/pedi. What more could a little girl ask for? 
Our weekend was packed with fun. I love the lobby and it was so magical to be there as the snow fell outside the windows. I think I will remember it forever. We also enjoyed Story time in the lobby at night, visiting with Wiley, balloon art and face painting for the kids and Emily's big Saturday night at the Dance Party! 
Disclosure: Special thanks to Great Wolf Lodge Poconos.
All opinions are that of Diane Sullivan/3decades3kids.

Let's Chat With....
...Director of Guest Services-Michael De Julia.
          During our stay I did have a chance to meet up with Great Wolf Lodge's Director of  Guest Services: Michael De Julia. We had a chance to chat over coffee so I could find out a little about him and his time at Great Wolf Lodge. Mike told me that he has been with the Great Wolf Lodge team for three years, starting out at the  Mason, Ohio location and since moving to the Poconos site. Although criminal justice was his first career choice years ago, he has been in hotel management for the past 20 years. After seeing him in action with the guests, I would have to say that he made the right choice. I had a personal experience with Michael from one of my past stays where I needed to speak to him about a minor issue.  He surpassed my expectations in resolving the issue. Little did I know that I would be sitting down with him at an interview a little over a year later. 
Well, let me share some of the questions we chatted about.

Diane:. What are some of the responsibilities of your position here at Great Wolf Lodge?
Michael: As Director of Guest Services I oversee overall guest satisfaction, oversee the front of the house-including the lobby, the front desk and check out the first impressions of the guests.

D: What is the most gratifying thing about working here at Great Wolf Lodge?
M: I love watching families create traditions right here at GWL.

D: As you already know, I adore staying at GWL for Halloween, but recently, I was really taken by my stay during Snowland. What is your favorite time of year to work here at the lodge? 
M: I love Snowland and the entire Christmas season here at GWL. The decorations and atmosphere here make the season even more magical.

D: Personally, I am not a big fan of the water tubes, although I do love the wave pool and the jacuzzi. Have you had the chance to experience the water park yourself? What is your favorite?
M: I have had the chance to check out the water park. I love the thrill rides, especially the Double Barrel Drop.

D: I cannot even begin to imagine what it takes to get GWL guest ready for the day. Can you tell me something that happens while we are all sleeping?
M: The Loose Moose begins preparing for the day at 5am. Also, the front desk is on a 24 hour work day, ready to help and answer questions at any time of the day or night. The water park also takes hours to prepare for the morning opening.

D: Our family loves the new addition of Main Street to the Great Wolf Lodge. How is it being received by the guests?
M: Main Street is a huge hit here at Great Wolf Lodge! All the attractions are located in one area to make it convenient, which  makes things easier for families to have fun.

D: My family has visited Great Wolf Lodge for Birthdays, Halloween,  Snowland and during winter to snow tube. We have created lasting family memories thanks to GWL. What is one of favorite memories about working here at the lodge?
M: One of my favorite memories is when Great Wolf Lodge hosts it's annual Toys For Tots at Christmas. It is great to help children that are less fortunate. The children get to visit with Santa and receive a special gift.  I love to see the happiness and smiles on their  faces surrounding  this special event. 

Our interview concluded with Michael telling me that he loves working at Great Wolf Lodge because every day is different. He enjoys meeting new people and helping to put smiles on their faces. Along the way he gets to create his own lasting memories. He loves to see the happiness that Great Wolf Lodge brings to families. He is glad to be a part of it every day! 

I'd like to thank Michael for taking time out of his busy schedule to be a part of this interview. Both Great Wolf Lodge and Michael De Julia have put many smiles on my family's faces! Thanks for the memories, they are appreciated. Diane Sullivan. 2/12/2012 More info?